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Stranded Deep
  • Developer: Beam Team Games
  • Genre: Open World, Survival Craft, Multiplayer
  • Version: 0.80.01
User Rating: Rating 4.65

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Release Date
23 Jan, 2015
Beam Team Games
Beam Team Publishing
Open World, Survival Craft, Multiplayer
Windows PC


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Stranded Deep for Free for Windows PC

Ava-May Roy

Stranded Deep is an open-world survival game that is set in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. Players are tasked with surviving at all costs, which includes managing their stamina, thirst, hunger, other needs while also trying to find a way to escape. Players can choose to play solo or with other people by joining a multiplayer session, which can be done through the main menu. Software product is a survival game Stranded Deep Mac created by British game developer Beam Team Games. The player is stranded on a deserted island, must survive by finding resources, crafting items, building shelters.


The graphics in play Stranded Deep online are impressive. The deep sea setting is a popular one for a variety of games, but many of them fail to give a person a sense of how large and vast it is. Software product  does a great job of this, giving players a sense of the size of the water while also providing a sense of how deep it is. Beyond that, the lighting in the game is outstanding. The way that light shines into the water and the way that the shadows are cast on the floor really helps create a sense of atmosphere for software product. The graphics are quite basic, using 2D textures. There are no leaves on the trees, grass on the ground, or waves in the water.

Software product features many bugs, which can be frustrating. For example, when crafting, the game often doesn't detect the items in the player's inventory, making this process unnecessarily complicated. Application Stranded Deep download free has great graphics and is very detailed. The water is smooth and realistic and the fish and other creatures are all rendered beautifully. The sunsets and sunrises are some of the most beautiful I've seen in a video game and the different types of light (like moonlight) make the world feel alive. The only issue with the graphics is that it's difficult to see underwater and some of the underwater creatures can be hard to find.


In Stranded Deep download PC, players have to take care of their three basic needs: hunger, thirst, and stamina. The hunger and thirst meters are a bit more straightforward, with the player finding food and water to fill them. Stamina is a bit more nuanced, with the player needing to have enough food to replenish it. Players have to search the depths of the water to find food and water, all while trying to avoid the many dangers that lurk in the deep.

Finding food and water may seem like a simple task at first, but it quickly becomes much more difficult. Stranded Deep play online is primarily a survival game. The player must find resources, craft items, build shelters in order to survive. Software product is played in first person, with the player controlling the camera with the mouse. This game is quite difficult, with the player has to do a lot of work to be able to survive.

Software product is survival game Stranded Deep where the player must find food and shelter and keep their character warm and hydrated. It's also about exploring and finding new and interesting things and seeing what's around the next corner. The gameplay is smooth and the crafting and building mechanics are easy to use.


Multiplayer in Stranded Deep Windows can be done in either co-op or solo, with each one providing a different experience. Co-op is a great way to explore the deep and deal with the dangers in it in a group, while solo is a more challenging and personal way to explore the deep.

Playing the game Stranded Deep PC solo is the only way to unlock all of the different endings, each one is a different result of how the player handled the challenges in the deep.


Software product is a game play Stranded Deep that is difficult to put down once you get started. It is an addictive game that is difficult to master, that makes it difficult to stop playing. The gameplay is difficult and at times frustrating, but it never feels unfair. Players will need to experiment and explore in order to get the most out of software product, the sense of accomplishment and sense of exploration that comes from that is rewarding.


  • What is the objective of Stranded Deep game?
    The objective is to survive on a deserted island.

  • Why does my game seem to be running in slow motion?
    This is often due to drivers which are not properly optimized for your graphics card. This can be remedied by downloading new drivers from the manufacturer's website.

  • What are the system requirements?
    The system requirements are not specified.

  • What languages is the game available in?
    The game is available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish.


Overall, download Stranded Deep is a great game. It has beautiful graphics, smooth gameplay, many different types of survival challenges to complete. Stranded Deep free download PC is a difficult and addictive game that is well worth the time to play. It has an intriguing storyline, impressive graphics, fun gameplay. The multiplayer is great for those who want to explore the deep with friends, while the solo mode is an excellent option for those who want to explore deep on their own.


  • Life-threatening challenges;
  • Variety of biomes.


  • No way to escape;
  • Limited to game world.

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